Debuting Thursday on Fox Nation, author Brad Meltzer presents the riveting and little-known story of a plot to kill George Washington. 

While researching historical documents for his next thriller, the best-selling author stumbled across a nugget of information about the 1776 plot.

"In a footnote, of all places. A footnote! It's where all the greatest secrets always are. ... I was like, ‘Wait, wait! A secret plot to kill George Washington? I need to look it up.’ And I started digging and digging and digging into this story," he explained.

He teamed up with writer and documentary producer Josh Mensch on a three-year effort to unravel the full story for their new book: The First Conspiracy: The Secret Plot to Kill George Washington

In the Fox Nation exclusive, "Brad Meltzer’s Secrets of George Washington," Meltzer and Mensch revisit the murder plot, along with numerous other fascinating stories surrounding the nation's first president and founding father. The show also delves into oft-repeated stories about Washington which are actually not true. 

The show was filmed at historic Fraunces Tavern, the oldest standing structure in Manhattan, and Meltzer visits the spot in New York City - now in Chinatown - where the plotter of Washington's murder was hanged. 

Also debuting Thursday on Fox Nation is an in-depth look at the faulty story about then-President George W. Bush's military service. 

In "Black Eye: Dan Rather and the Birth of Fake News," Fox News' Howard Kurtz and others look back at the fateful decision by CBS News and the famed anchor to run a false report that cast doubt on Bush's time in the Texas Air National Guard a few months before the 2004 election. 

The network eventually apologized for the report, which was based on a set of memos which could not be authenticated and were widely believed to be forgeries. 

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