Syndicated radio show host Rush Limbaugh said the American people are fortunate that President Trump has refused to "cave" on his demand for border wall funding.

During his show Monday, Limbaugh cited a new Economist/YouGov survey that found that only seven percent of U.S. adults believe illegal immigration is not a problem.

"You know, if the rest of the Republican leadership would fight back, we could win this debate," Limbaugh said, lamenting that Trump has largely had to "go it alone" in his push to secure the border.

The ongoing border funding debate has led to a partial government shutdown, as Democrats and Republicans have been unable to come to a compromise.

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"Why does Trump have to go it alone? I’ll tell you why Trump has to go it alone: because people like Never Trumpers, like Romney and the rest of this crowd, which is sitting here living 25 years in the past, or 20 years in the past. They have been rendered obsolete. They have been rendered irrelevant."

"It remains a one-man show: Donald Trump against the Democrat Party and the media," Limbaugh added. "And we are very fortunate the guy does not cave. We’re very fortunate he’s willing to put up with this."

He argued that the American people want overwhelmingly want border security, and Democrats are defying their will by pushing legislation that reopens the government but does not provide any additional border security funding.

"The first act by the Democrats now who run the House of Representatives was to ... tout legislation mocking this, lamenting this, making fun of this, and ridiculing this!"

On "America's Newsroom" Tuesday, David Asman agreed with Limbaugh, but noted that "sometimes there is a fine line between caving and compromise."

He pointed out that Trump has already signaled he is willing to compromise on his demand for a concrete wall, suggesting that steel slats or other border barriers could be used instead.

"The debate has changed a little in that sense, and I think it could continue to do so," Asman said, adding that it's time for Congress to tackle comprehensive immigration reform.

Watch the clips above, and don't miss Trump's live, primetime address on border security Tuesday at 9:00pm ET on Fox News Channel.

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