Mike Huckabee ripped new California Gov. Gavin Newsom's defense of sanctuary policies and echoed the remarks of a Tennessee family whose son was killed by an illegal immigrant in recent days.

The young man, Pierce Corcoran, was killed by illegal immigrant Franco Cambrany Francisco-Eduardo when Eduardo swerved his car into oncoming traffic on U.S. 441 and crashed late last month.

Huckabee agreed with the sentiment from Corcoran's father, D.J., and said that "immigration is what made America a great country" and that being opposed to illegal immigration is not the same as opposing immigration.

He praised the Corcoran family for their heartfelt message in the midst of the grief of losing their son.

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He said that many Americans' ancestors "came here because they wanted to be part of this country."

Huckabee said Newsom apparently "wants to Make California Venezuela Again" and is "more interested in providing sanctuary for illegal immigrants" like the one who "murdered [Officer Ronil Singh] in cold blood."

"I don't know what's in the water" Newsom drinks, Huckabee said.

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