"Life, Liberty & Levin" host Mark Levin said Democratic leaders Charles Schumer and Nancy Pelosi are "pathological liars" and have done nothing constructive for immigration or border control policy in nearly "half a century."

Levin said President Trump gave an "outstanding speech" on the importance of the wall and solid border security policy Tuesday night.

However, he said Schumer and Pelosi achieved the opposite.

Levin said that the two leaders have been in Congress for decades with little accomplishment to show for themselves in this regard.

Schumer began his term on Capitol Hill as a congressman in 1981, and later the Senate after defeating popular Republican Sen. Alfonse "Al" D'Amato in 1998. Schumer's House seat was filled by his then-longtime aide, Anthony Weiner.

Pelosi was first elected in 1987 as the endorsed successor of Rep. Sala Burton (D-Calif.).

Levin said the two Democrats and their caucus successfully "fooled" every Republican president from Ronald Reagan through George W. Bush.

"[Schumer and Pelosi] are part of the scam artists. They get amnesty, legalization, citizenship -- and never secure the border," Levin said.

"They're not going to fool Donald Trump," he said, noting that in the past, Reagan and the Bushes assented to amnesty-type legislation with the promise of border control in the future.

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He added that Schumer, Pelosi and other top Democrats like former President Barack Obama "are never forced to explain their flip-flop" on illegal immigration.

In the past, Schumer and others voted in favor of border protection in the form of a wall or barrier.

Levin said that in addition to Schumer and Pelosi, several American companies are in favor of illegal immigration because of the unskilled workers it brings.

"[It's] Democratic Party before country," he said.

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