Laura Ingraham said in her "Ingraham Angle" commentary Tuesday night that President Trump scored "a major media coup" with his address to the nation on border security.

She credited Trump with not only getting all of the major media networks to carry his address, but also getting top Democrats to respond to him on his terms.

"Democrats do not give a damn about securing the border," Ingraham said. "For them, this is all about scoring political points and of course about 2020."

She said Trump has shown a willingness to compromise with Democrats on border security funding, and he repeated that sentiment in his address Tuesday.

The Democrats want the partial government shutdown to continue for as long as possible, she said, in order to divide Republicans from President Trump.

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"They're now the party of obstruction," she said. "And everything must bend to their 'resist Trump' goals."

Ingraham added that if Democrats really wanted to reopen the government, they'd be willing to negotiate with Trump and his administration.

She also criticized who she called the "coastal wonder-twins" -- California Gov. Gavin Newsom and New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio -- for their willingness to give out free health care to illegal immigrants.

"They have no problem finding all that money, it's falling from the sky, to spend on the well-being of illegal aliens," Ingraham said. "Like everything else, this is all about politics for the Democrats."

Watch more of Laura Ingraham's "Angle" commentary above.

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