Tuesday's panel on "The Five" reacted to California Gov. Gavin Newsom's inaugural speech, during which the Democrat said his state would provide "sanctuary to all who seek it."

Newsom declared in his speech that his state's government "will offer an alternative to the corruption and incompetence in the White House."

He is also proposing a budget to extend health care coverage to undocumented immigrants up to the age of 26.

Fox News contributor Emily Compagno, a native of California, said that Newsom is dishing out a lot of grandstanding without real implementation.

"It would behoove him as the next governor if he would clean up programs before trying to expand them," she said.

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Jesse Watters said that Newsom's "attacks" on President Trump during his Monday speech were a nice "sales pitch," but that the new governor was trying to appeal to Hispanics in his state.

"They can afford to mismanage the entire state and still kind of technically get away with it," he said. "There's a lot of imbalance in that state. ... They can get by with just giving everybody free stuff."

Dana Perino called Newsom "pretty effective," but said she's curious as to how his proposals will be funded.

She added she is excited to hear liberals like Newsom will "convince" America that their direction is the right way to go.

Greg Gutfeld, though, called his native state "a horror show," and that Newsom has "misplaced priorities."

"He's choosing to virtue-signal with sanctuary cities because that has no ultimate consequence to himself," he said. "Because he has presidential aspirations, he's figuring out the right things to say that will raise his stature so he becomes like the anti-Trump."

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