Former Bush speechwriter Marc Thiessen warned New York City residents of "skyrocketing" public costs after Mayor Bill de Blasio announced his plan to insure all residents for free, regardless of immigration status.

Thiessen said that de Blasio claimed his plan will only cost the city $100 million in funds without increasing taxes, but doubted that it would play out as the 57-year-old from Park Slope, Brooklyn predicted.

"Health care is a human right, and in this city we're going to make that a reality," de Blasio said this week. "From this moment on, in New York City, everyone is guaranteed the right to health care."

Thiessen said the same claim was made after ObamaCare was passed, however, emergency room visits did not decline as predicted but instead increased. He said that the undocumented often go to the ER for many health issues, regardless of severity, because they will not be asked for health documentation.

"People from all over the country are going to flood into New York to get their free health care," Thiessen said, adding that he had advice for taxpayers in the country's largest city who will foot the bill.

"Move over to Hoboken," Thiessen said, adding that skipping town to neighboring New Jersey will avoid the higher taxes that he predicted would come. 

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He joked that if they did leave town, they should use the Trans-Hudson "PATH" commuter train to get their "free health care" without worry.

The state's similarly liberal governor, Andrew Cuomo, previously spoke about health-care-for-all prior to being elected to a third term last year.

Cuomo said in a debate with Democratic actress Cynthia Nixon that such a program is needed, but should be implemented on the federal level.

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