Former Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-S.C.) addressed a recent claim by Sen. Elizabeth Warren that he retired from Congress in order to collect a "fat lobbyist paycheck."

Warren (D-Mass.) tweeted the swipe at Gowdy, who joined law and lobbying firm Nelson Mullins last week.

She added in an additional tweet that public service should not be a "launching pad" for people like Gowdy.

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The former congressman appeared Monday on "The Story" and said he isn't lobbying at all, and that Warren should have given him a call if she wanted to know his plans after public service.

"She could say 'hey, what are you gonna do? I'm getting ready to criticize you,'" he told Martha MacCallum. "I need to decide which thing to criticize you for."

He said that he doesn't mind the criticism, but does take offense to her being "loose" with her facts.

"She's running for president of the United States and she kicks it off by making a demonstrably false allegation against a former colleague," he said. "I don't get it."

Gowdy had also responded to Warren's comment soon after she tweeted it, suggesting she could have been "cracking open a beer" when the announcement of his new position was made.

The comment appeared to be a jab at a recent Instagram livestream, during which Warren stopped interacting with users to point out that she was going to grab a beer.

"I was just struck by the authenticity and the naturalness of that. Wow," he quipped.

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