President Trump announced that he will address the nation regarding the "humanitarian and national security crisis" at the southern border in a primetime address Tuesday at 9:00pm ET from the Oval Office.

The address comes amid a partial government shutdown, as Democrats and Republicans have been unable to compromise on funding for border security, including Trump's long-promised border wall.

Trump reaffirmed Sunday that he would consider declaring a national emergency because of the “crisis” at the border, which would allow him to circumvent Congress — though such a move would seem certain to draw legal challenges.

On "The Daily Briefing" Monday, Fox News politics editor Chris Stirewalt said he's one of the loudest critics of the "sniveling" Congress that "volitionally weakens itself."

"But not even our sniveling Congress, not even this Congress is going to let the president start declaring states of emergency," Stirewalt said. "By the way, they're also not going to let him keep having six acting cabinet or cabinet-level officials unconfirmed for their current jobs by the Senate. That can't persist either."

"At a certain point, Mitch McConnell, John Cornyn, that crew in Congress is going to say, 'Here's the roadblock,'" Stirewalt said, noting that could "work" for Trump because then he would again be "fighting with the establishment."

Stirewalt said the ongoing government shutdown also "works" for Trump, because it keeps the immigration debate front and center, as opposed to Special Counsel Robert Mueller's investigation or "economic chaos."

"It is an area that he can live with and it's the kind of chaos that he likes, because he's in control of part of it," Stirewalt said. "So it is working for him in that way."

He noted, however, that the shutdown also works for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

"Remember, she has one job, which is to defeat him in 2020. And this helps her do that, she thinks."

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