Pastor Robert Jeffress hit back at House Speaker Nancy Pelosi Sunday, after the Democrat claimed that border walls are "immoral."

Pelosi (D-Calif.) has repeatedly referred to the implementation of a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border as "immoral" or "an immorality."

During a Friday town hall event on MSNBC, she added that the idea of a wall would instill fear among U.S. citizens.

Jeffress, a Fox News contributor and pastor at First Baptist Dallas, said on "Fox & Friends" that Pelosi's claims are "absolutely absurd."

"The Bible teaches that the primary responsibility of government is to maintain order and keep its citizens safe, and there's nothing wrong with using a wall to do that," he said.

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He added that nothing is immoral about a border wall, but what is actually immoral is for Democrats to block Trump's "God-given responsibility" of keeping the country safe.

Jeffress blasted sanctuary laws as well, calling cities that enact such policies "havens of lawlessness."

Father Jonathan Morris, Fox News religion contributor, said that what's unethical is the current immigration system within the U.S.

"We say we're going to keep an unsecure border, we're going to allow people to come over, we're going to give them jobs, but they're going to get low wages and they're going to be second-class citizens," he said.

Morris said that a barrier should be in place along certain portions of the southern border, but that government needs to work as one to enact total immigration reform.

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