Marc Lotter, former press secretary to Vice President Mike Pence, blasted comments from former Obama adviser Ben Rhodes that compared the accomplishments of President Trump to his predecessor.

Rhodes was responding to comments made by President Trump touting his success thus far during his presidency.

Trump made the remarks at the White House Friday and said he's "probably done more in the first two years than any president, any administration, in the history of our country."

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Lotter said Sunday on "Fox & Friends" that he could summarize Obama's time in office "like an Oprah episode."

"You get a government handout, you get a government handout, everybody gets a government handout," he said. "Under President Trump you get a job, they get a job and everyone gets higher paychecks. It's really that simple."

Lotter said that under Trump, the auto industry is booming, wages are increasing and America is standing tall on the world stage.

"[Trump] went out, killed, captured terrorists, decimated ISIS ... there's really no comparison between the two," he said.

He added that Trump is going to continue his focus on rolling back regulations, creating more jobs and investing in infrastructure in 2019.

"So many of the things that he ran on, they're going to continue to enact."

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