Greg Gutfeld aired a faux promotional video Saturday for a school that teaches politicians how to act like normal, everyday people.

The ad for "The Politician's School for Phony Liars Trying to Act Human" comes after Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) cracked open a beer during an Instagram livestream.

The "school" helps politicians who suffer from F.P.S. -- or Fake Person Syndrome -- field serious questions from voters, drink alcohol and laugh at the right things.

Gutfeld said that President Trump resonated with so many voters in 2016 because he was real and "not a politician."

'Inauthentic in Everything She Does': 'The Five' on Warren's Beer-Drinking Livestream, 2020 Chances

"He doesn't have to be an expert at being fake," Gutfeld said.

Fox News contributor Kat Timpf added that Warren's video was "very uncomfortable."

"She was trying so hard to be cool," she said.

Watch more of the discussion above, and check out the hilarious "ad" below by the Gutfeld Show crew!

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