Sean Hannity said Friday that every Republican should be willing to "go to the mat" in the fight for border security.

His comments come after President Trump said at a White House news conference he'd be willing to keep the government shut down until a border deal is reached.

"This is national security we’re talking about, we’re not talking about games," Trump told reporters in the Rose Garden Friday. "We're not playing games, we have to do it."

Hannity said that in order to curb crime and drug trafficking by illegal immigrants, Republicans should be all-in on Trump's plans.

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Rep. Mark Meadows (R-N.C.) agreed, adding that Trump is working to keep the promise he's made to Americans.

"The president has looked into the eyes of moms and dads who have lost loved ones because of the fact that we have not secured our border, and he made a promise to them and he made a promise to the American people that he would fix it," Meadows said.

Meadows, who chairs the House Freedom Caucus, said that he would support giving three-year work permits to illegal immigrants covered by the DACA program.

Sen. Lindsey Graham told Hannity on Wednesday that he'd support such an exchange in order to compromise on border wall funding and as "a down payment to securing the border."

"As long as that's part of broader deal to make sure that we finally deal with this issue and make sure that our communities are safe," Meadows added.

Hannity also said that impeachment conversation against Trump is "one big blustered lie."

Watch the conversation above.

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