Media analyst Joe Concha said Saturday that the vulgar impeachment remark made by a freshman Democratic congresswoman shows that House Speak Nancy Pelosi has an issue with her party's agenda.

Rep. Rashida Tlaib (Mich.) concluded a speech to supporters Thursday night by saying, "We’re gonna impeach the motherf----r," drawing huge cheers.

Tlaib avoided the press who pressed her on the remarks outside the Capitol on Friday, quickly weaving through the throng of reporters.

Concha said on "Fox & Friends" that Tlaib was "very brave" when making the comment to her supporters, but not as much when asked about it by the press.

"It shows that Nancy Pelosi has a real problem with the freshmen that are coming in, in terms of the agenda," Concha said, noting that on the first day of the new Congress, an amendment was introduced to eliminate the Electoral College.

Trump on Freshman Dem's Profane Impeachment Remark: 'She Dishonored Herself and Her Family'

He said that new congressmen and women were elected to problem-solve with Republicans, and looking to immediately "burn the place down" won't resonate well in the long run.

"Even if [Democrats] do go ahead with impeachment and they do impeach the president ... it has a boomerang effect," he said, referencing then-President Clinton's post-impeachment approval rating.

"If you're going to impeach somebody over something that doesn't rise to the level of impeachment in terms of the way the American people see it, the court of public opinion, you ahead with that [and] you're probably going to turn that person -- even President Trump -- into a martyr and actually make him stronger as a result."

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