Rep. Brian Mast said Saturday that he's proud to be serving in Congress with fellow GOP combat veterans like Jim Baird (Ind.) and Dan Crenshaw (Texas).

Mast (Fla.) welcomed the two new lawmakers in a now-viral and patriotic photo taken on the House floor Thursday.

The caption of Mast's photo reads "5 eyes. 5 arms. 4 legs. All American." Mast lost his legs and a finger in Afghanistan, Baird lost his left arm in the Vietnam War and Crenshaw lost his right eye in a 2012 IED attack, also in Afghanistan.

"I look at them and I do think they embody the American spirit," he said on "Fox & Friends." "I'm proud to be serving with the both of them."

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Mast also reacted to crude comments about impeaching President Trump by freshman Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.), in which she said "we're gonna impeach the motherf----r."

He said Tlaib’s remarks are an "absolute change in dynamic" from what he experienced while being sworn in to Congress two years ago.

"We came in two years ago as a freshman class with a pledge to civility that every member signed, and clearly that's not what's going on with this freshman class," he said.

He said that some freshman politicians are blinded by their hatred toward President Trump and don't see the American people as a source of power in the country.

Mast also said that Trump's border security reformation plans are common sense and that opposition to it doesn't make sense.

"This is the most basic level of threat assessment," he said. "It's not provocative. It shouldn't be provocative today."

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