Senator Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee said Friday on "Hannity" that with the current situation at the Mexican border, "you have every town [as] a border town and every state a border state."

Blackburn, a longtime Republican congresswoman who won her bid to fill retired Sen. Bob Corker's seat, said that "gangs, drug traffickers, human traffickers and sex traffickers are coming to a community near you."

"They are all across this country, and people know that, and law enforcement knows that," she said.

Blackburn said it is imperative that Democrats come to the table to support a border wall as President Trump requests.

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She said that families of DACA recipients should be outraged at Democrats, not Republicans, over the standoff, because Trump and others have floated a permanent fix to the Obama directive as a bargaining chip toward building the wall.

"It's one-tenth of one percent of the budget, and we are required to protect the country," she added.

Blackburn praised Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky for standing firm so far on his promise to permit a vote only on a bill that Trump will sign -- meaning it must include wall funding.

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