Reggie Singh, the brother of slain California police officer Ronil Singh, and Newman Police Chief Randy Richardson opened up about the "preventable tragedy" on "Fox & Friends" Friday.

Ronil Singh, a corporal with the Newman Police Department, was gunned down during a traffic stop on Dec. 26. Illegal immigrant Gustavo Perez Arriaga has been charged with murder.

"Being a police officer meant everything to him," Reggie Singh said on "Fox & Friends" Friday, revealing that Ronil fulfilled his dream of legally emigrating to the U.S. from his home country of Fiji to work in law enforcement.

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He said Ronil loved being active, and he was so excited for his 5-month-old son to begin walking and talking so they could spend time outdoors together.

"It just breaks my heart that he'll never be able to see that," Singh said.

Richardson said officers are increasingly being "handcuffed" by policies and laws that make their jobs more difficult.

He blamed California's sanctuary law for preventing local authorities from reporting Arriaga to U.S. immigration officials for two previous drunken driving arrests.

"This was a preventable tragedy," Richardson said. "If we were able to turn this suspected killer over to immigration, we wouldn't be sitting here having this interview now."

The Tunnel to Towers Foundation -- which helps pay off mortgages for families of fallen heroes -- is raising money to aid Singh's family in their time of need.

Watch the "Fox & Friends" segment above, and donate to the cause at

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