The brother of a decorated Navy SEAL leader spoke out Friday on "Fox & Friends" against accusations of war crimes that have led to a court-martial against his brother. 

Edward Gallagher, 39, who garnered high honors over eight tours of duty in his 19-year special operations career, was set to face arraignment before a military judge Friday over the killing of an injured ISIS prisoner of war in Iraq.

If convicted of premeditated murder, Gallagher could be sentenced to life in prison. Gallagher, who is married with three children, is jailed in a Navy brig in California after his arrest in September. 

Sean Gallagher told Steve Doocy that his brother's unit was deployed in Mosul, Iraq, last year as part of a mission to clear ISIS fighters from the city. 

He said his brother fought all of America's terrorist enemies since 9/11, including al Qaeda and the Taliban, and is now being treated "unjustly."

"A couple of guys make up stories about what happened and he's stripped of all his rights, stripped of all of his due process and thrown in jail," he explained.

Gallagher said the accusations against his brother came from two members of his own unit who were reprimanded by Gallagher for "cowardice" in combat.

"When they got back, they were so afraid and embarrassed about what would happen to their careers and reputations. ...  They didn't report it at the time, they didn't report it when they got back. Months [later], they spun up stories to try to get my brother under investigation so they could skate by," he alleged. 

Gallagher said two Iraqi generals at the scene and multiple other SEALs dispute the allegations, saying the ISIS fighter was gravely wounded and died of his injuries. He said his brother spent eight Christmases away from his family on deployments and just missed another because he's in jail. 

Watch the full interview above.

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