Tucker Carlson reacted to backlash to his commentary on the state of the American family and the decline of the middle class "American dream."

He said that the biggest issue in America is not unrest in the Middle East, or even illegal immigration, but the decline of the nuclear family.

Carlson said that only for "a small group of affluent people," the true American dream still exists.

He said the "collapse" of the American family is "simple economics" surrounding the decline of manufacturing jobs.

Carlson said that when factories close, marriage rates fall and single parenthood rates increase -- which he added leads to a higher proportion of children who end up on drugs or in prison: "That's a statement of fact."

He dismissed criticism from the women on ABC's "The View."

Carlson said that amid the "View" panel's critique, "no one contested the facts of what we said," adding that one host later admitted that women strongly prefer marrying men who earn more than they do.

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"We're in a dark age because we are afraid," he said of the situation. "[The facts are] not on the approved list of talking points."

"We're all terrified of being denounced by some mindless ideologue on TV [or] silenced completely by some big tech firm. A mob of angry children is suddenly in charge of the country," he said.

But, Carlson said the solution is for members of what he considered the silent majority to stand up for themselves publicly.

"Terror only works if we play along with it," he said.

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