Columnist Charlie Hurt said Thursday on "Outnumbered" that with his January 1 op-ed, Sen. Mitt Romney (R-Utah) showed the nation why he lost his presidential bid in 2012 against Barack Obama.

Romney ripped President Trump's "honesty and integrity" among other things in his Washington Post column. Romney said that though he agrees with the president on some policy points, his erstwhile critiques show a "shortfall [that is] most glaring."

Romney was sworn-in to his new office by Vice President Mike Pence, and as he appeared on screen alongside Sens. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.), Melissa Francis said that in summary, the Utahn claimed Trump has not "risen to the mantle of the presidency."

"You know who else failed to rise to the mantle of the presidency? Mitt Romney," Hurt responded. "Voters rejected him and were [now] reminded why."

Hurt called Romney "desperate for relevance" and nodded to the new senator's past political bids.

He said Romney "ran a terrible campaign and was a terrible candidate in 2012" and has waffled on important subjects like abortion.

Hurt said that while running for governor of Massachusetts, Romney verbally aligned himself with the then-scion of the state's famous political family, then-Sen. Edward Kennedy.

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"[Romney said] he was a more enthusiastic supporter of abortion than Ted Kennedy," Hurt said. "He's a typical politician. You can't believe anything he says."

Hurt added that Romney "got into bed with the Washington Post" and is "reminding everybody why he lost the [2012] election."

However, Hurt said that the current holder of Kennedy's seat, Democrat Elizabeth Warren, may be more deserving of criticism than Romney.

"He's more president than she is American Indian," Hurt said, in reference to Warren's claim of Native American heritage, and a tweet from Trump that mocked the former Harvard professor.

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