Dr. Jordan Peterson is calling out YouTube after the platform temporarily shut down his daughter's account and removed one of her videos, before the video-sharing website reversed its decision.

Mikhaila Peterson, a health blogger, tweeted a screenshot from the YouTube team informing her that a Q&A video she posted had been removed because it violated YouTube's policy on "spam and deceptive practices." Her YouTube account was also given a three-month "strike."

She questioned if the video was flagged for review by trolls who targeted her because her father is a public figure and outspoken conservative.

YouTube has since reversed its decision and admitted the mistake, but Dr. Peterson, a psychology professor at the University of Toronto, is concerned about big tech platforms shutting people down for "vaguely violating their terms of service."

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He acknowledged that YouTube's parent organization, Google, is a private company and can enforce whatever policies it wants legally, but he said it's concerning that a platform intended for free expression is apparently being policed according to "half-witted corporate policies."

"You can't be a platform that purports to allow people to express themselves creatively and also apply arbitrary descriptions of what constitutes unacceptable content. Those two things don't work out in the real world," Peterson said. "And you also can't engage in practices that violate your customers' trust endlessly."

Although YouTube admitted the mistake and reinstated Peterson's daughter's video and account, he accused the company of not providing sufficient details about the original decision.

"To be subject to arbitrary strikes with no explanation, with no appeals process, it can't work that way. And people should be concerned."

Watch the "Fox & Friends" interview above.

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