Jesse Watters criticized newly minted House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for joking about potentially accepting a maximum of $1 to fund a border wall one week after a California law enforcement officer was murdered -- allegedly by an illegal immigrant.

Shortly before House Democrats passed a partial spending bill without any wall funding late Thursday -- a measure projected to die in the Senate -- Pelosi told reporters she may accept $1 in border wall appropriation.

"One dollar, yeah, one dollar," Pelosi said, smiling.

Watters said Pelosi was in rare form Thursday and was upset because she was upstaged by President Trump's inaugural appearance in the White House Briefing Room with several members of border protection enforcement.

"The minute she grabbed the gavel, she became unraveled, because Trump stole her thunder," he said. "He came out with all the border patrol guys and basically called Nancy a liar."

Jessica Tarlov disagreed, saying that Pelosi was upset Trump tried to take attention away from the first day of the new congressional term.

"We have a dead cop so it gets a little serious," Sean Hannity added. "[The alleged murderer of Officer Ronil Singh] would've been deported if laws were obeyed."

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Watters also dismissed Tarlov's assertion that sanctuary city policy protects illegal immigrants from being deported when they report crimes.

He called the idea a "red herring" and said that "if you drop a dime on another illegal and you're an illegal, [law enforcement] is going to leave you alone."

Watters said that the $5 billion that Trump wants for wall funding is "crumbs" compared to the rest of the federal budget, a term he noted Pelosi infamously used to describe the bonuses paid to employees following the Trump tax cuts.

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