Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-Calif.) denied Thursday that House Democrats are assuming power with the goal of "destroying" President Trump.

As Nancy Pelosi gets set to become House Speaker and lead a large Democratic majority in the chamber, the Wall Street Journal Editorial Board writes that "the animating purpose of Congress will be investigations to damage, and perhaps impeach, the President to tee up total Democratic control after 2020." 

Mr. Trump’s tax returns and foreign business dealings will get frequent star turns. Democrats think they can prove Mr. Trump has exploited his office for personal enrichment, or in some way that matters to Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation. If not, at least they’ll embarrass the Trump family. Ivanka and Jared should prepare for subpoenas and dives into their email habits and security clearances.

Democrats will also run investigations into payments to Stormy Daniels; the Administration’s policy of separating children at the border; and every consultation with a business about a deregulatory decision. House Democrats will trail every cabinet officer down to whether he ordered a cocktail on a commercial flight. This will present even greater problems in staffing federal agencies.

Swalwell, who has said he's considering running for the 2020 Democratic nomination, said on "America's Newsroom" that the characterization is not accurate.

"That's wrong. ... The American people voted for a balance of power. We're not gonna lead with investigations, we're gonna lead with collaboration. But we're going to investigate where Republicans were unwilling to do so," he said, adding that Democrats will advance issues that Trump will "welcome," like infrastructure, prescription drug reform, the DREAM Act and gun background checks. 

Speaking about the 13-day government shutdown, Swalwell said bills can be advanced to reopen government while dealing with homeland security issues, like the border wall, separately. 

He said Trump can find common ground with Democrats on enhanced border security without building a "wall." He said Pelosi will move to pass the budget measure already approved in the Senate, which Trump refused to sign due to a shortage of border security funds.

"You're gonna see the president isolated, and hopefully he understands he can still protect the border and fulfill the promise that we'll have border security. But he's not going to get votes in the House or the Senate for a wall," he explained.

Watch the full interview above. 

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