Rep. Andy Biggs said Democrats are less concerned about the safety of the American people than winning in 2020 and denying President Trump a victory on border security.

Biggs (R-Ariz.) made the argument on "America's Newsroom" Thursday as a partial government shutdown over border wall funding stretched into a 13th day.

He said the border debate has become overly politicized, and many Democratic lawmakers have lost sight of the fact that border security is national security.

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He pointed to the current crisis at the southern border, where thousands of Central American migrants have gathered in hopes of claiming amnesty in the U.S.

"One of the first things you do is you control the border, and you control it best with a border wall," Biggs said. "We should be focusing on that issue first, and not whether Donald Trump gets a victory. They need to set aside the politics and get to the policy of the issue."

Host Sandra Smith noted that Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) said on "Hannity" Wednesday that if Trump caves on the wall, it will probably be "the end of his presidency."

Biggs didn't go so far as to say Trump's presidency would be over if he doesn't get wall funding, but he agreed that it's critical that Trump "hold firm" on his fundamental campaign promise.

He said while Democrats are focused on "optics and narrative" heading into the 2020 election, Republicans should get behind the president.

"President Trump can get a win here. He just needs the Congress to step up and to have his back ... and to really push him."

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