Newman, California, Police Chief Randy Richardson and Stanislaus County Sheriff Adam Christianson joined Sean Hannity Wednesday to discuss the shooting death of Newman Cpl. Ronil Singh.

As Fox News reported, Gustavo Perez Arriaga was arrested and charged with murdering Cpl. Singh last month.

Arriaga, who was in the United States illegally, has alleged ties to a violent street gang and two prior drunken-driving arrests, according to investigators. He did not enter a plea during his hearing on Wednesday.

Christianson said that he and other law enforcement are trying to "spirit a positive dialogue" on the issue of illegal immigration.

"Why are we allowing criminal illegal aliens into this country, and why is there any political interference in the first place in our ability to protect our communities?" he asked.

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Hannity then asked if the government is "aiding and abetting" the activity of criminal illegal immigrants by way of sanctuary laws.

"Don't they have culpability here?" he said, to which Christianson replied he believes that's the case.

Richardson added that the situation is very political, but that it's also time to start talking about making inter-community communication.

"All we've got to do is enforce the law," Hannity replied. "Enforce the law and lives will be saved. This can't happen anymore."

Watch the discussion above.

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