Army Col. Douglas MacGregor (Ret.) on Wednesday defended President Trump's decision to withdraw all U.S. troops from Syria.

Trump's decision was announced shortly before Christmas, the same day that the president declared victory over ISIS in that country. 

After Trump's decision drew bipartisan criticism, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) stated Sunday that the withdrawal situation is in a "pause."

MacGregor said Wednesday that many senior officials in Washington -- "products of the Clinton-Bush-Obama era" -- have a lot invested in the crisis in Syria.

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"You have a lot of resistance to ending something that has been profitable for them. It hasn't been profitable for the American people. It's been a disaster," MacGregor said. "Trillions of dollars in debt over the last 17 years, thousands of people killed and wounded."

He said that once all U.S. troops are removed from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan, "it's over."

"President Trump is going to do that. That's very clear," he said. "This pause is just that: it is a pause."

He said the notion from many that Russian President Vladimir Putin has achieved a victory due to the withdrawal is "absurd."

"This has been a very clever move on the part of the president," MacGregor said. "They're briefed by only one side, and that side has no interest in the truth."

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