Fox News digital politics editor Chris Stirewalt said on "The Daily Briefing" that the Trump administration's demands for border wall funding aren't about money.

During a Cabinet meeting at the White House Wednesday, the president said the partial government shutdown will carry on "as long as it takes" until Democrats agree to the $5.6 billion he wants to fund a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border.

Stirewalt said that Trump needs to figure out what he and his administration are willing to give up to end the shutdown altogether.

"The administration is looking for a way to do a deal so that the president can save face here," he said, adding that Democrats are going to "turn the pressure up" once Nancy Pelosi takes over as House speaker.

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Stirewalt said in order to solve the deadlock between both sides, they must meet in the middle on funding; Democrats have proposed $1.3 billion for general border security.

He added that the amount of money Trump is seeking to fund a border wall is minuscule in comparison to the country's federal debt.

"None of this is really about the money. ... This is about who can claim victory and who can rile up their respective political base better," Stirewalt said, adding that currently, Democrats have more power.

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