New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Monday took a swipe at President Trump's immigration policies as he granted clemency to 29 people, including some immigrants who were facing deportation.

According to reports, Cuomo (D) issued pardons to 22 immigrants who, because mainly of drug-related convictions, could have been deported or blocked from citizenship.

He also commuted the sentences of seven other individuals, including four for murder and three for armed robbery.

In a statement, Cuomo's office said Trump and the federal government are "waging a war on our border against immigrant communities."

The governor also took a shot at the president for the ongoing partial government shutdown over border security funding.

“While President Trump shuts down the federal government over his obsession with keeping immigrants out, New York stands strong in our support for immigrant communities,” Cuomo said in the statement. “These actions will help keep immigrant families together and take a critical step toward a more just, more fair and more compassionate New York.”

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On "Fox & Friends" Tuesday, Turning Point USA founder and president Charlie Kirk said there is no policy behind these commutations, and they are simply a political response to Trump and his immigration policies.

"He's intentionally demagoguing what the president is doing here," Kirk said of Cuomo. "The president is standing against illegal immigration, he's standing against border jumping, he's standing against drugs flowing into our country."

Kirk argued that Cuomo understands that Trump is anti-illegal immigration, not anti-immigration, yet the governor is being misleading and "fear-mongering" in immigrant communities with rhetoric like this.

"It's intentional conflation, and that's where we really have to take a stand. And every time we hear it, we have to correct it and say, 'No, no, no. We are are against illegal border jumping. We are pro-immigration.'"

Watch more from Kirk above, and see his reaction to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's "Green New Deal" proposal.

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