Results from a recently released poll by the Associated Press show that most military veterans view President Trump's leadership positively.

AP VoteCast found that among the more than 4,000 veterans surveyed, 56 percent approve of how Trump is doing in the Oval Office.

The results from the nationwide survey, which overall polled more than 115,000 midterm voters, show that 59 percent of veterans believe the president is a "strong leader."

Marine veteran Joey Jones said Sunday on "Fox & Friends" that a Republican president like Trump who makes and keeps his promises will do well among veterans.

"We look at that places we're deployed ... and we see how the rest of the world lives, and when we come home we actually have a renewed respect for what this country is," he said.

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Jones added that when veterans head to the polls, they're going to keep in mind that Republican presidents spend more on defense and make better foreign policy decisions.

"President Trump has gone a long way with things like VA accountability and the Veterans Choice [Program], but even those two things, they sound a lot better than they are effective," he said.

He also said veterans realize that if a Democrat was in office, the implementation of the Veterans Choice Program would not be where it is currently.

Sixty-two percent of poll respondents said that they approve of Trump's handling of border security, a number that Jones said isn't surprising.

"Veterans, among all Americans, understand the need for diversity in this country and hard work comes from a lot of different places," he said.

He said the fact that President Trump hasn't been able to secure the $5 billion he's looking for in border wall funding shows that the issue is "all politics and not policy."

"That's unfortunate, and veterans see past that a lot of times," he said.

Watch the discussion from "Fox & Friends" above.

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