Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee said Sunday that he doesn't think Democrats want to "come to the table" with President Trump on border security.

Huckabee said on "Fox & Friends" that Democrats aren't interested in reopening the government, as the partial shutdown entered its ninth day.

"This is all about posturing," he said. "It's about politics, it's about Nancy Pelosi maintaining the position to be the [House] speaker."

Huckabee said that in the past Democrats were in favor of border security, but now when they were offered it, they decided against it.

"It did not satisfy their political interests, even though it satisfied the resolve of a real crisis that we have going," he said.

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Trump has demanded $5 billion in funding for his long-proposed border wall. Democrats said in response that they won’t agree to more than $1.3 billion for "border security."

Huckabee implored the president to stand his ground, and said that Americans will soon realize that Democrats don't want to solve the issues pertaining to border security.

"They're interested in prolonging this problem. Anything they can do to try to make the president look bad, they will," he said.

Trump tweeted Saturday that the "pathetic immigration policies" of Democrats are what led to the deaths that have occurred at the border.

Huckabee advised Trump to do more than tweet, and instead appear in a nationally televised address to "lay out the whole situation."

"The president just needs to lay out the hypocrisy here," he said.

Watch more of Huckabee's discussion on "Fox & Friends" above.

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