Tyrus weighed in Friday on "Outnumbered" on a new AP piece that lays out how President Trump has "changed Washington" and "defied convention" in his first two years in office. 

Jonathan Lemire writes that Trump "has rewritten the rules of the presidency and the norms of the nation’s capital, casting aside codes of conduct and traditions that have held for generations."

Taking a wrecking ball to decorum and institutions, Trump has changed, in ways both subtle and profound, how Washington works and how it is viewed by the rest of the nation and world.

“He’s dynamited the institution of the presidency,” said Douglas Brinkley, presidential historian at Rice University. “He doesn’t see himself as being part of a long litany of presidents who will hand a baton to a successor. Instead, he uses the presidency as an extension of his own personality.”

Lemire said pundits no longer predict that Trump will become "more presidential" and leave behind the bluster of his campaign. 

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Tyrus said Trump has turned politics into entertainment and now more and more people fashion themselves as experts on Trump-related matters. 

"He's put the glitz and glam on the White House. He's turned it into entertainment. The #1 TV show is politics. ... It's no longer Monday Night Football, it's Monday Morning Tweet," he said. 

Tyrus said when he encounters people day-to-day they no longer want to talk about sports, they want to talk about whatever Trump did or said that day. He predicted the next president will seem "boring" by comparison. 

"I look forward to it," said Democrat Jessica Tarlov, criticizing Trump for failing to "drain the swamp" as he promised. 

Rachel Campos-Duffy noted that she has friends who like Trump and others who don't due to his lack of "decorum." 

But she said in the next election, party talking points will not be effective and voters will expect the candid talk that they've heard from Trump. 

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