President Trump's surprise visit to Iraq was met with criticism from some mainstream media pundits, including a CNN national security analyst who ripped the president for "confusing" the visit to U.S. service members with a campaign rally.

Sam Vinograd said on CNN that presidents usually emphasize the importance of the soldiers' mission and Americans' support, but Trump instead mentioned the border wall and "things that he's done for them."

Meantime, CNN's Jim Acosta asked whether Trump's signing of a MAGA hat for a U.S. soldier meant that the visit was more of a "campaign stop."

Fox Nation host Tomi Lahren said Friday that Democrats and the left "hate the fact that our armed forces love this president."

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"They can squawk all they want to. The troops love this president for a reason. He supports them every single day of the year, not just when he goes over for Christmas, unlike the previous president who just used them for a photo-op," she said on "Fox & Friends."

Lahren said the left will "never see through their blinders" when it comes to potentially giving Trump credit for something he does.

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Earlier in the show, retired U.S. Army Ranger and author Sean Parnell said U.S. troops love President Trump and they feel like he "has their back."

"He was clearly met with enthusiasm," said Parnell in a sit-down with host and fellow combat veteran Pete Hegseth. 

Parnell said the media "roundly criticized" Trump for failing to visit U.S. troops in overseas war zones during his presidency, yet quickly pivoted this week to criticizing the "manner" of his visit to troops stationed in western Iraq. 

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