Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine) continues to be shamed over her vote in support of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. 

In a new HuffPost column, Lauren Sandler claimed Collins was responsible for the year's "most shameful hijacking of feminism." 

"The shameful ― and shamefully effective ― cynicism of Collins’ politicking is uniquely insidious in this insidious year. Just as shameful are the women who listened to her speech and nodded along," Sandler wrote, calling out Collins' 45-minute Senate floor speech in which she announced she would vote "yes" on Kavanaugh's confirmation despite accusations of sexual misconduct against him. 

Sandler labeled Collins "Our Lady of Perpetual Moral Bankruptcy," and wrote that she pretended that "she stood for our country’s daughters and granddaughters."

In a recent interview on "The Story," Collins revealed the hateful voicemails she has received since voting in support of Kavanaugh. 

Responding on "The Story" Thursday, Daily Wire senior editor Ashe Schow said the feminist movement has become more about supporting liberals. 

She said Collins stood up for due process and the tenets of the American justice system, since the allegations against Kavanaugh were not corroborated.

"The bigger issue here is attacking Collins for standing up for due process. When you go after someone for that, you're basically saying due process is the enemy of justice in this country," said Schow, adding it's "shameful" for Collins to be condemned for her vote. 

Watch the full segment above.

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