Mick Mulvaney, who is set to take over as President Trump's acting chief of staff, said Friday on "Fox & Friends" that Nancy Pelosi is to blame for the government shutdown continuing into a second week. 

He blasted Democrats, including Senate leader Chuck Schumer, for supporting border security measures - including a wall - in 2006 and 2011 before abandoning the position when President Trump took office. 

"This is a crazy discussion to be having. It seems like Democrats really like border security when there’s a Democrat in office, and don’t like it when Donald Trump is in office," he said. 

Mulvaney, who serves as White House budget director, said he believes Schumer is willing to come to an agreement on border security funds, but Pelosi is holding up a deal. 

He said Pelosi will soon face a vote on becoming House Speaker and she does not want to be seen as caving to Trump's demands. 

"Nancy Pelosi cannot be seen by her party as being weak on negotiating with Donald Trump. So we fully expect that until she’s elected Speaker and has locked that vote up, we don’t expect to hear from the Democrats again. They told us last night that they were not countering our last offer," he explained.

Mulvaney called on Democrats to come back to the negotiating table to see if a deal can be reached at a number between their $1.3 billion offer and Trump's $5 billion demand. 

According to a Reuters/Ipsos poll, 47 percent of Americans hold Trump responsible for the shutdown, while 33 percent say Democrats are to blame. Trump previously refused to sign any bill that does not include $5 billion for border security, including for his long-promised wall.

Only one in four respondents agreed that the wall was a worthwhile reason to shut down the government.

Watch the full interview above. 

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