The mayor of El Paso, Texas, called on lawmakers in Washington, D.C., to finally do something to address the many problems with the nation's immigration system. 

Earlier this week, ICE released hundreds of migrants into the city, as the government struggles to detain illegal immigrants amid an influx of Central Americans trying to cross the U.S.-Mexico border. 

Mayor Dee Margo (R) said on "America's Newsroom" Friday there have been about 24,000 migrants released into El Paso since October, five times more than 2017.

He said the city has an agreement with federal authorities that they will notify an NGO called Annunciation House, which helps the migrants obtain food and shelter for 96 hours before they're transported to sponsors elsewhere in the country.

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Margo said there was a breakdown in communication before Wednesday's release and the NGO did not know the migrants would be coming. 

"It was a surprise, yes, and it was in violation of our agreement with them," said Margo, explaining that the migrants are having to be released due to overcrowding at federal facilities. 

He said the bottom line is that U.S. immigration policy "stinks" and lawmakers have refused to address the situation for years. 

"It's about time somebody steps up and develops a little manhood along the way and determines what they need to do irrespective of the political fallout," he said, adding that a "myriad" of issues must be dealt with. 

Margo said he doesn't like the term border "wall" but there has been a fence on the El Paso-Mexico border since 2008 and it has worked. 

"Something's gotta give. We need a rational process to deal with DACA, legal immigration and the migrant population coming north and claiming asylum."

Watch the interview above. 

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