On "Fox & Friends" Thursday, a Colorado homeowner recounted her viral confrontation with a package thief. 

Renee Abeyta said she was inside her home last week when she noticed someone outside her front door with an Amazon package. She went outside to pick up the delivery, but quickly realized a woman had walked off with the package. 

At that point, Abeyta ran to her car and caught up to the woman a few blocks away, recording with her cell phone as she ran after the thief.

"What’s your name? Did you just steal something? Give it. I’m going to f—king call the police," Abeyta shouted at the stranger.

First, the woman denied stealing the package, but then claimed she was homeless and was swiping packages to support herself. She eventually apologized and handed the package - which contained a Crock Pot cover - to Abeyta. 

The video of the confrontation has been viewed more than 10 million times and has been played over and over on national TV in recent days.  

"I'm getting messages left and right. They just can't believe I would do that," Abeyta said about the texts she has gotten from friends and family. 

Abeyta said she had just seen a news report about people stealing packages from front porches during the holiday shopping season and couldn't believe it was happening to her. 

"It was just instinct. I knew I had to do something. ... I was just super-mad. I did not want to let this go," she said, adding she did not think she could be in danger until the woman reached into her bag and she thought for a moment there could be a weapon inside. 

Pete Hegseth asked Abeyta what her final message would be for package thieves. 

"Find some other way. Don't make other people unhappy," she said. 

Watch the full interview above. 

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