President Trump's surprise visit to Iraq was met with criticism from some mainstream media pundits Wednesday, including a CNN national security analyst who ripped the president for "confusing" the visit to U.S. service members with a campaign rally. 

Sam Vinograd said on CNN that presidents usually emphasize the importance of the soldiers' mission and Americans' support, but Trump instead mentioned the border wall and "things that he's done for them."

On MSNBC, Edward Price - a former CIA analyst - called out Trump for "doing the minimum" with his visit to al-Asad Air Base in western Iraq, while not meeting with Iraqi leaders.

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Reacting on "Ingraham Angle," former CIA officer Buck Sexton noted that anti-Trump "blue-check folks on Twitter" had hammered Trump for a long time for never having visited U.S. troops in a war zone. 

"Anyone can see in the video, the troops are really happy to see the commander-in-chief, as they obviously are going to be to see any commander-in-chief that visits them in the field. But they were particularly happy to see Trump and I can understand why," said Sexton, adding the coverage is an example of Trump never getting credit in the media for anything he does.

"This is not new. It is really just that Trump derangement syndrome has no boundaries or borders."

Mark Steyn - who will be guest-hosting for Tucker Carlson tonight - said on "Fox & Friends" that some have suggested military regulations were violated because Trump signed MAGA hats for some service members. 

"Why don't we get Robert Mueller? Let's double his staff and give him another six years and see whether Putin colluded with Trump to fill Iraq full of MAGA hats," he joked. 

Steyn said soldiers can show their enthusiasm for the commander-in-chief without it being a political statement. 

"At a certain point in the media, it crosses over into partisan cheerleading for a political party? This is crazy!" he said. 

Pete Hegseth, who served in Iraq and Afghanistan, said soldiers were always respectful to President Barack Obama even if they did not agree with some of his policies. 

Watch the clips above. 

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