Howard Kurtz questioned the sourcing on a report by the New York Times that cited uncorroborated allegations that a podiatrist helped Donald Trump avoid serving in the Vietnam War.

The daughters of the now-deceased podiatrist, Dr. Larry Braunstein, told the Times that Trump's bone spur diagnosis was a "favor" to the president's father, Fred Trump, in 1968. Braunstein's office was in a Queens building owned by Fred Trump and his daughters said he received preferential treatment in return. 

The report noted that "no paper evidence has been found to help corroborate" what Braunstein's daughters describe, and later mentions both women "are not fans of Mr. Trump."

Kurtz, Fox News media analyst and host of "MediaBuzz," said that the story should have been canned from the get-go due to the lack of confirmation. 

"It shows you that there is a different standard when it comes to reporting on Donald Trump," he said on "America's Newsroom."

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While it may have been possible Trump dodged the Vietnam War draft due to a medical reason, Kurtz said, the Times story is "essentially speculation."

The report stated:

Dr. Braunstein’s daughters said their father left no medical records with the family, and a doctor who purchased his practice said he was unaware of any documents related to Mr. Trump. Most detailed government medical records related to the draft no longer exist, according to the National Archives.

"There are, there used to be, at least, journalistic standards in this country," said Kurtz, who added that the vast lack of evidence in the story suggests the Times possibly wanted the claims to be true.

He said that there is now "a business model" for news organizations to be opposed to President Trump.

"The timing of this ... suggests to me that standards have become way too flexible."

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