Former Clinton adviser Doug Schoen agreed with outgoing Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill's (Mo.) recent criticism of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, arguing the soon-to-be-freshman lawmaker should not be the new face of the party. 

In a recent interview, McCaskill referred to the Democratic socialist newcomer as "a bright, shiny new object" and said she's "confused" by all the attention Ocasio-Cortez has garnered since her shocking victory over 10-term incumbent Democrat Joe Crowley.

"I'm not sure what she's done yet to generate that kind of enthusiasm, but I wish her well," McCaskill said, blasting Ocasio-Cortez's "cheap" rhetoric.

Responding on "The Five," Schoen said that he'd prefer if the 29-year-old Bronx native would "just go away" because of her far-left positions, emphasizing Democrats need to win over moderate voters to defeat President Trump in 2020. 

"I hope Nancy Pelosi gets to her and says she'd do better for herself to be silent for a while, because she is not the face or the voice of the Democratic Party that I grew up with, know and continue to support," he said.

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Fox News contributor Lawrence Jones added that both Democrats and Republicans are underestimating Ocasio-Cortez and her influence on young voters.

"You can't laugh at socialism when they start winning," he said. "She's not the only one. There are waves of these Democratic candidates, and it's because of the rise on these college campuses where these kids are taught that socialism works. They feel like it works."

Katie Pavlich responded by saying Ocasio-Cortez is definitely not "going away," as Schoen hoped. 

The panel on Wednesday also discussed Ocasio-Cortez's tweet on Christmas, in which she described Jesus as a "refugee."

Jones said that the left only wants to "use Jesus when it's convenient for them" and they have the story wrong.

Schoen said Democrats need to focus on issues they "can win on" against Trump. 

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