Former Acting ICE Director Tom Homan said Wednesday the left continues to "vilify" Border Patrol agents out of "hatred" for President Trump's immigration enforcement policies.

An 8-year-old boy from Guatemala died Tuesday while in U.S. custody, becoming the second child to die in such circumstances this month.

Fox News reported:

Immigration officials say an agent first “noticed that the child showed signs of potential illness” Monday and brought the boy and his father to the medical center, where the boy was diagnosed with a “common cold.”

Prior to leaving the hospital, though, staff found a fever. They discharged the boy in the mid-afternoon with prescriptions for amoxicillin and Ibuprofen.

But later in the evening, the child “exhibited nausea and vomiting and was transferred back” to the facility for evaluation and treatment, CBP said, before dying around midnight.

Officials say the death is under investigation.

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Responding on "Fox & Friends," Homan explained that migrants routinely die trying to make it to the United States because they rely on criminal organizations to transport them and many get sick on the journey.

He said Democrats like Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer support policies that "entice" more illegal immigrants to come to the U.S., rather than fixing "loopholes" to potentially stem the flow.

Homan said many Border Patrol agents are parents themselves and should not be vilified. 

"They're doing their best," he said, telling stories of agents giving their lunches to starving migrants and bringing toys to children in detention facilities. 

"People need to understand they're coming from a third-world country. A lot of these people have never seen a doctor. ... They come in bad shape. That's why we need to stop enticing them to make this dangerous journey."

He called on President Trump to "keep fighting" for border security and the border wall as the partial government shutdown enters its fifth day. 

In response to the boy's death, CBP announced they will order additional medical checkups for children under age 10. 

Watch the full interview above.

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