The panel on "The Five" Wednesday reacted to President Trump and the first lady making a surprise visit to troops in Iraq, Trump's first visit to a war zone since taking office.

Speaking to service members, Trump said that the U.S. "is no longer the suckers, folks," and that "the nations of the region must step up and take more responsibility for their future."

Katie Pavlich noted the importance of Trump remarking that he has "no plans at all" to remove any of the 5,000 U.S. troops from that country.

"Him saying today we're not leaving Iraq ... shows that we're still in the fight," she said.

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Trump's visit Wednesday occurred a week after he tweeted that ISIS had been "defeated" in Syria, which he said was his sole reason for being there during his presidency.

Former Clinton adviser Doug Schoen said that he's "very proud" of the president for making the trip.

"I think this is real good for America, and I just think on a day like today we just ought to say thank you to the president. ... Thank you for standing up for our troops," he said.

Pavlich added that Trump's visit will boost the confidence of local forces in Iraq.

"I know the president gets criticized for maybe not taking the advice of people around him, but he does go and meet with people and listen, and then makes his decisions," she said.

Watch the discussion above.

Pres. Trump, First Lady Make Surprise Visit to Troops in Iraq

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