Dan Bongino slammed Tennessee Sen. Bob Corker Monday on "Fox & Friends" after he took a shot at President Trump over the weekend.

Corker has increasingly criticized the president since the Republican senator announced he wouldn't run for a third term.

In an interview Sunday, Corker said that Trump's fight for a border wall, which led to a partial government shutdown, was "made up."

"This is a made-up fight so the president can look like he's fighting," he said. "But even if he wins, our borders are gonna be insecure."

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Bongino called Corker's comments "gross" on Monday and backed Trump's calls for stronger border enforcement.

"For him to abandon the president right now is really gross and shows he has no spine, and I'm glad he left office," Bongino, a former Secret Service agent, said.

During Sunday's interview, Corker urged the American public to focus on a "significant thing like pulling out of Syria."

Trump criticized the senator on Twitter following his remarks, noting that he refused to endorse him.

Bongino added on Monday that Democrats "don't want to give Donald Trump a victory," which is why they won't compromise on border security.

"They are focused on one thing and one thing only: that's impeachment or a devastating loss for him in re-election," he said.

Watch more of Dan Bongino's interview from "Fox & Friends" above.

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