A Syracuse football recruit whose selfless gesture on national signing day went viral joined "Fox & Friends" Sunday with his best friend who made it possible.

Three-star defensive end Cooper Dawson shared the stage with Kingsley Feinman, who has cerebral palsy, to make his announcement last week.

Dawson said that he told Feinman of his decision before anyone else, and let his friend make the announcement for him.

"He’s going to Syracuse!" Feinman said as Dawson placed a cap with the school's logo on his head.

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On Sunday, Dawson said that his friendship with Feinman became truly inspiring after the recruit tore his ACL over the summer.

"A lot of people say that people suffer from this or that," Dawson said. "I think Kingsley has cerebral palsy but I don't think he suffers from it because if you look at him, he doesn't look like he's suffering from anything. He's got the biggest smile all the time."

Feinman said that sharing Dawson's signing day with him meant a lot, and that he was proud of his best friend.

"I'm very thankful that Cooper invited me to help him with signing day," he said.

Dawson added that while signing day could have been all about him, it was made better by having his friend next to him.

"If you have the opportunity to be selfless, then you should take it," he said.

Feinman also said that he was grateful for sharing the stage with Dawson.

"I'll never forget this," he said.

Watch the interview above.

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