A recent survey found that close to a third of respondents believe Santa Claus should be either female or gender-neutral.

The survey, conducted by logo-making company GraphicSprings, asked participants in both the U.S. and United Kingdom how they would change Santa.

According to the data, 23 percent of respondents think that Santa should use Amazon Prime and 17 percent believe he should travel via hover-board.

In response, The Greg Gutfeld Show introduced "P.C. Santa" on Saturday night.

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P.C. Santa condemns elitist gift-giving -- "a hallmark of the bourgeoisie" -- and looks to redistribute the wealth found in expensive presents.

He's gluten-free and no longer wants cookies left out for him. Instead, P.C. Santa opts for a kale smoothie.

He even ditches his reindeer and drives a Chevy Volt!

Watch the hilarious video above, and don't miss more off-the-wall laughs on The Greg Gutfeld Show, Saturday nights at 10:00pm ET on Fox News Channel!

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