U.S. Border Patrol Council President Art del Cueto said Saturday on "Fox & Friends" that it's "funny" top Democrats will still get paid amid the partial government shutdown, while those protecting the U.S. border will not.

During the shutdown, about 54,000 Customs and Border Protection agents would be working without getting paid.

"The people that are causing this shutdown like Chuck [Schumer] and Nancy [Pelosi], they're still getting paid," Del Cueto said. "Yet we have men and women that are very dedicated to defending our borders out there now that they don't know when they'll receive another paycheck."

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He added the President Trump's proposed "Steel Slat Barrier" design is "definitely" needed.

"It's refreshing to see a president that actually cares about the American people, cares about securing our borders," said Del Cueto.

He added that areas in which barriers -- including walls -- have been implemented, the amount of illegal immigration has dropped.

Del Cueto also said that it's "fantastic" Trump is holding the line on his proposed border wall.

"The reality is, we're seeing a surge [in illegal immigration], we're seeing more individuals coming in to our country illegally. We don't know their intentions," he said.

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