Hawaii Sen. Mazie Hirono blasted President Trump and Republicans for the impending partial government shutdown, swearing during a live interview on Thursday night.

Hirono, an Oahu Democrat, said the Senate "did the responsible thing" by passing a continuing resolution to fund the government the previous night. However, that resolution lacked the wall funding demanded by Trump.

"President Trump [got] all worked up because he's got some right-wing, loud people yelling at him," Hirono said, adding that pressure from Trump's base caused him to reconsider signing anything that did not have the $5 billion appropriation for the border wall.

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"He will bring on the shutdown and he has to take responsibility for it," she said. "Any effort on his part to blame the Democrats will be such bulls--t [that] I would hardly be able to stand it," she said.

Chris Stirewalt said the passage of any funding bill at this point is a "game of hot potato."

Stirewalt said both congressional chambers are trying to toss a resolution between each other and see who ends up with the blame when the clock runs out at 11:59 pm ET on Friday.

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