A California sheriff blasted the Golden State's new sanctuary law, blaming a lack of cooperation with ICE for an illegal immigrant's "reign of terror" earlier this week.

Tulare County Sheriff Mike Boudreaux spoke to Laura Ingraham Thursday night after Gustavo Garcia-Ruiz shot a person and exchanged fire with police officers following a wild chase.

Garcia-Ruiz had been released from jail after serving time on controlled substance possession charges, despite an ICE detainer on him. Boudreaux said the state sanctuary law bans law enforcement from contacting ICE or honoring detainers against illegal immigrants.

"We are no longer able to recognize ICE detainers," he said. "We're not allowed to talk to our counterparts."

Boudreaux said Tulare, which is home to outgoing House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes (R), is a mainly agricultural community that provides billions of dollars in crops to the rest of the country and world.

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He said that there is a "large undocumented community" in Tulare, but that even without the law, he would not encroach on those residents unless someone broke the law.

Laura Ingraham played video of House Speaker-designate Nancy Pelosi praising such laws and saying they made her city safer.

"Is your community feeling safer tonight?" Ingraham asked Boudreaux.

The sheriff said he disagreed with the 79-year-old Democrat lawmaker.

The Fresno Bee reported that before he died in a fatal crash in Porterville, Garcia-Ruiz committed at least 11 different crimes, including shooting a person at random and crashing into oncoming vehicles. Authorities said there was "strong evidence" that the suspect was behind a separate homicide.

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