The former head of the parent company of Hardee's/Carl's Jr. defended President Trump's ongoing fight to secure border wall funding at the expense of risking a government shutdown and a Wall Street selloff.

Andy Puzder said Thursday on "Your World" that the bull market may have lost some steam in recent months, but that Trump has to make good on his promise to secure the border.

"You really can't put the country's national interest at risk here because of what is happening in the stock market," the former CKE Restaurants CEO said.

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Puzder said that in addition to Trump's political battles, the Federal Reserve raised interest rates eight times in 24 months, despite only one hike under the Obama administration.

He echoed Trump's criticisms of Fed chairman Jerome "Jay" Powell, saying the rates are "rising too fast," even though they should increase somewhat.

Puzder also ripped Democrats like Sen. Charles Schumer of New York, who he noted previously supported wall funding bills.

"Now they're playing politics with this. That has to stop. Our national security is at risk," he said.

Puzder was once considered by Trump for the Labor Secretary post, but withdrew under intense protest from political opponents.

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