The "Outnumbered" panel on Friday called out Vogue for a piece that was critical of President Trump and first lady Melania Trump's White House Christmas Portrait.

In a piece titled “What’s Up With This Year’s Surreal White House Christmas Portrait?” an unnamed author had several "resident Vogue art experts" weigh in on how the photo is so "out of character" and why it "feels so strangely off."

The photo, which the first lady shared on Instagram, features the president and his wife smiling and holding hands amid a room filled with Christmas decorations.

The Vogue piece -- which criticized everything from the president’s outfit to the lighting -- ends with a snarky comment: “As former Trump White House associates continue to fall like snowflakes on a winter day in the Mueller investigation, the wildly sunny White House Christmas portrait might be another attempt to keep spirits looking bright.”

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Katie Pavlich offered her take on the criticism, claiming that if the first lady had any last name other than Trump, she would be celebrated on every magazine cover. 

"But because she is a Trump, they just refuse to give her any credit," Pavlich said. "I think they look great, and I think that this article is anti-holiday spirit and unfortunate."

She said Vogue has exposed itself as a "leftist rag," not a fashion magazine. Democrat Adrienne Elrod said Vogue is still a fashion magazine, but pieces like this feed into the type of media "opportunism" that the first lady spoke about in a recent interview with Sean Hannity.

"When you see articles like this, it kind of plays into that narrative," Elrod said.

Melissa Francis said the same Vogue issue included a favorable piece on incoming Democratic congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and a recent issue had a large, fawning spread on Michelle Obama.

"It's all happiness and sunshine and butterflies. And then you go right over to Melania Trump and instantly they're saying really horrible things about her."

See more reaction from the "Outnumbered" panel above.

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