Illinois Rep. Luis Gutierrez blasted Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen as "a liar" and appeared to compare President Trump with King Herod, who wanted Jesus killed after his birth.

Nielsen was testifying on border policy before the House Judiciary Committee on Thursday when Gutierrez used his allotted time to rip into her and the president.

He said it is ironic that Republicans would hold the hearing during the Christmas season, which celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ.

Gutierrez, a Chicago Democrat, said that it is "repugnant and astonishing" that during the holiday season, migrant family separation would be a topic of importance to the GOP.

Gutierrez said that, at the time of Jesus Christ's birth, King Herod became outraged and ordered all children under two to be murdered.

"Thank God there wasn't a wall that stopped [Jesus, Mary and Joseph] from seeking refuge in Egypt. Thank God that wall wasn't there," he stormed.

"And, thank God [the Trump] administration [wasn't there] or He too would have perished on the 28th -- on the Day of Innocence when Herod ordered the murder[s]."

Tucker Carlson blasted Gutierrez, saying in an incredulous manner that "Trump [must be] worse than Pharaoh."

"It's right there in the Scriptures -- the Book of Obama, Chapter 6."

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Carlson said illegal immigrants are making a "mockery" of American law and rule of law, and that people like Gutierrez are wrongfully self-righteous.

"They just know they're right and you're evil," he said.

Gutierrez also said during the hearing that Nielsen should feel "shame" for allowing the separation of families.

When Nielsen was given time to respond, she said that someone calling her a "liar" was "fighting words" and that she never instituted family separation as Gutierrez described.

While Nielsen gave her response, Gutierrez scowled at her, appeared to text on his phone and then left the hearing room while Nielsen was still talking.

Nielsen continued to respond in Gutierrez' absence.

Ohio Republican Rep. Jim Jordan also reacted to Gutierrez and the border wall debate.

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